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"7 facts" series in review: 2017 PDL

Top row, left to right: Lucas Stauffer, Kyle Ihn, John Pascarella, Gabe Christianson and Brandon Fricke; Bottom row, left to right: Hayden Partain, Elvir Ibisevic, Devyn Jambga, Luca Puster and Mueng Sunday


This season, we saw who Menace players and coaches were on the field, but we also glimpsed into the rest of their lives with our “7 facts” series.

In 10 weeks, we featured nine players and our first-year head coach John Pascarella, each with 7 facts – six that were true, and one that was false.

If you missed any, we’ve got you covered with the links below.

But remember, always make sure you’re paying attention for alternative facts out there…


7 facts about…

  • John Pascarella: We learned that our new head coach goes by JP, is a former MLS player and likes to bike and wrestle grizzly bears.
  • Hayden Partain: The Texas native lives about a mile away from the home of FC Dallas, comes from a soccer family and was an All-State quarterback in high school.
  • Mueng Sunday: A Menace mainstay, Mueng was born in Mangu, Nigeria, loves basketball more than soccer and attended high school at Iowa City West.
  • Devyn Jambga: We found out that Devyn’s entire family either attends or did attend Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, he is a native of Harare, Zimbabwe, and he has a reputation of scoring clutch goals at SIUE.
  • Gabe Christianson: Gabe played one year of high school soccer at Cedar Rapids Kennedy, he suffered a tibia-fibula fracture during the 2014 PDL season with Springfield Synergy FC and he attends Creighton University.
  • Elvir Ibisevic: The second-to-youngest player on the Menace roster this year, Elvir opted out of his senior season at Johnston High School to attend the U.S. National Residency program in 2015, and he made two appearances for the United States U17 national team.
  • Lucas Stauffer: We learned that Stauffer played futsal, a spin-off generico de cialis of soccer that is played with three-man teams, and was the youngest player on the U.S. futsal national team. Exclusive content: Stuaffer recently earned a spot on the 2017 PDL All-Central Conference team.
  • Kyle Ihn: The right-handed goalie played for Kokomo Mantis FC in 2016, trained with the Columbus Crew for a week this summer and is seeking his first professional contract.
  • Brandon Fricke: Another Menace veteran, we learned that Brandon is in his sixth year with the Menace and scored the lone goal to pull off a second-round upset against the New York Cosmos in 2013. More exclusive content: Brandon was also picked for the 2017 PDL All-Central Conference squad recently.
  • Luca Puster: In our last PDL 7 facts, a tall defender from Tampa-based Lynn University was featured. Luca is a native of Graz, Austria, helps out with color commentating for CISN on some Menace game days and can solve the Rubik’s Cube in less than six minutes.


Thanks for your support of our PDL team this season!

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