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7 facts about Luca Puster

Can you find Luca hidden among this week's Menace campers in Grimes?


This season, we have been spotlighting Menace players in our “7 Facts” series. Make sure you’re paying attention – there’s an “alternative fact” in each story.


Let’s get to know defender Luca Puster.


1.   He was born in Graz, Austria and attended high school at Hib Liebenau.


2.   Luca attends Lynn University in Tampa, Fla. and followed in the footsteps of another tall defender from Lynn who played with the Menace – Javi Lopez (2012-2015 Menace).


3.   Luca is one of five Lynn players from the state of Styria, Austria and one of 20 international players on the Fighting Knights’ roster.


4.   He assisted Devyn Jambga on May 28 in a 1-1 draw with Saint Louis FC U23.


5.   In games he doesn’t play at Valley Stadium, he helps out Central Iowa Sports Network with the live stream by color commentating the games – listen to all his commentating here.


6.   English is Luca’s second language. He grew up speaking German and starting learning English when he was in high school.


7.   He can solve the Rubik’s cube in less than six minutes.



Did you catch this week’s alternative fact?

It was number 2… Lynn University is in Boca Raton – near Miami, not Tampa.


Thanks for your support of Luca and the playoff-bound Menace!


Story posted on Tuesday, July 18, 2017.


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