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7 facts about Devyn Jambga

Devyn Jambga is back for his second year with the Menace. This year, he wears No. 9.

Every week we spotlight Menace players in our “7 Facts” series. Make sure you’re paying attention – there’s an “alternative fact” in each story.

Let’s get to know forward and Menace returner Devyn Jambga.


1.   He was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and he came to the United States to attend Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.


2.   Back for his second year with the Menace, he led the 2016 team with five assists. This year, he has scored two goals – one on May 20 to put Des Moines up 2-0 over WSA Winnipeg and a game-tying goal on May 28 for a 1-1 draw with Saint Louis FC U23.


3.   Devyn scored the overtime goal that clinched SIUE’s first-ever Missouri Valley Conference regular-season title on Nov. 7, 2015, 1-0 against Loyola.


4.   His father, Gwinyai, played soccer for SIUE, his mother, Stephanie, played softball for the Cougars, and his brother and sister, Hadyn and Bailey, attend the university. Gwinyai and Stephanie are teachers in Paraguay, but because of live streaming, they hardly ever miss a Menace game.


5.   Known for scoring clutch goals at SIUE, he netted four game-winning goals in 2016.


6.   When SIUE played Wake Forest University in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen, Devyn remembers seeing current Menace teammate Hayden Partain’s bright green shoes on the Wake Forest squad. Although SIUE lost 2-0, Devyn and Hayden are good friends now.


7.   Devyn wanted to return to the Menace after last year because he loved the support Des Moines gave the team and he enjoys the challenge of fighting for a starting spot.



Did you catch this week’s alternative fact? It was number 1… Devyn was actually born in St. Louis and moved to Zimbabwe when he was 4 years old.


Thanks for your support of Devyn and the Menace!


Story posted on Wednesday, June 7.


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