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7 facts about Justin Vorster

Justin Vorster and the Menace look to build on the success of last year.


This season, we are running with a series of feature stories, spotlighting Menace players and coaches. Make sure you’re paying attention – there’s an “alternative fact” in each story.

The Menace women open the season this Sunday, hosting the Kansas City Courage at Grimes Sports Complex. Here are seven facts about our head coach, Justin Vorster:


1.    In his first two seasons with the Menace, Justin has led the team to a 9-6-3 record – including 6-1-1 last year.


2.   By the time he was eight years old, Justin had lived in four countries: India (where he was born), Kenya, South Africa and Malawi.


3.   Justin played one professional season and 10 semi-professional seasons – all in South Africa.


4.   He guided the AIB College women’s program to a turnaround in their final two seasons. In the fall before the Des Moines school announced its closure, the Falcons went 12-7-2 and appeared in the 2014 NAIA Tournament.


5.   Justin is the technical director for Johnston-Urbandale Soccer Club (JUSC).


6.   He leads a Menace WPSL coaching staff represented by three youth clubs. Assisting Justin this season are Ross Alexander (West Des Moines Soccer Club), Alex Fonseca (Des Moines Menace Academy) and Hugo Macedo (JUSC and Sporting Iowa).


7.   Justin’s good friends with George Dearnaley, who was a striker for the South African national team.


Did you catch the alternative fact? That’s right, it was number 4…the AIB College teams were called the Eagles – not the Falcons.


Thanks for your support of Justin and the Menace!


Story posted Wednesday, May 31, 2017


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