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7 facts about John Pascarella

John Pascarella is the first Menace head coach with experience as a Major League Soccer player and coach. Photo credit: Joe Sprunger

With the 2017 season upon us, we are kicking off a new series of feature stories, spotlighting Menace players. Make sure you’re paying attention – there’s an “alternative fact” in each story.

First, let’s get to know head coach John Pascarella, as we welcome him to Des Moines. Here are seven facts about the Menace’s first-year field general:


1.    He likes to go by “JP.”


2.   JP spent the last eight years as an assistant coach with Sporting Kansas City.


3.   He’s excited to step back into a leadership role. Right before starting with SKC, he was the head coach of the Northern Virginia Royals in the 2007 and 2008 PDL seasons.


4.   This season JP is working alongside assistant coaches Greg Hennelly, Matt Kennedy and Tiley Nunnink.


5.   A long time ago for the Galaxy in L.A. …he was a goalkeeper in the first two seasons of Major League Soccer. In 1996, his team played in the inaugural MLS Cup.


6.   JP’s favorite workouts are riding his bicycle and wrestling grizzly bears.


7.   JP and his wife Lisa are the proud parents of three daughters and one son. The Pascarellas make their home in the Kansas City area.



Did you catch this week’s alternative fact? That’s right, it was number 6…JP doesn’t even like bicycling.


Thanks for being with us as we start the season, and thanks for your support of JP and the Menace!


Story posted Wednesday, May 17, 2017





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