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Mascot Journals: Working out with friends

Surge and Spike joined Maniac for this group workout on the Drake University campus. Photo credit: Jackson Dahlquist / Drake University Athletics
Thursday, April 7, 2016

Menace fans –


I can’t believe I’ve stuck to my workout routine for this long! When I was working out at the YMCA Healthy Living Center I thought about how great it would be to have a workout partner. So, I decided to call up two of my super-buff friends, Spike and Surge, to see if they would be up for exercising with me.


To my surprise, they both said yes, so off we went to the Bell Center on Drake University’s campus. We were greeted by the Drake staff and my personal trainer, Michelle. Just by the looks of our three trainers, I could tell that this was going to be one of the toughest workouts ever!


The trainers had us doing all types of exercises. We did bicep curls, medicine-ball throws and bench presses. We ran laps and then more laps around the track. We even flipped a massive tire.  What a workout that was!


I feel like I should mention that Spike and Surge are way more in shape than me. Yes, I used lighter weights than them… yes, I ran slower than them… but I did complete the workout, and that’s all that truly matters.


Big thanks to the Drake staff and Michelle. Those three pushed Spike, Surge and me to our limits and somehow still had us walking out of the gym with smiles. Also thank you to my Drake Bulldog friend Spike and Surge, who made time during the busy last of the Iowa Energy’s NBA D-League season. They helped me the entire workout and did not let me give up.


I’ve invited Spike and Surge and some of our mascot friends to the Menace’s 2016 regular-season opener at Valley Stadium. Hope you can join us on May 21 – your first chance to see the “new” Maniac!


I’ve been so proud of myself for working out as much as I have, and I working on cleaning up my diet, too. More on this to come! Keep heading to the Twitterverse to follow my fitness journey: @MenaceManiac1.



Your mascot friend,



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