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Mascot Journals: Maniac hits the Y

With the goal of getting back in shape, Maniac is working out at the YMCA Healthy Living Center.



Thursday, March 24, 2016



Hello again, Menace fans –


This getting in shape thing is no joke! After getting geared up at Scheels All Sports, I survived my first workout at the YMCA Healthy Living Center in Clive, and I even enjoyed myself in the process.


Right when I got to the Y, I immediately felt like I could accomplish my fitness goals here. They had everything I could ever imagine—cardio machines, a track, free weights and my personal favorite: group workouts.


My new workout buddies welcomed me into the group like I was one of their own. We started out with some stretching and plyometrics, and I was thinking, “Hey, I got this.” But man, how wrong I was. 


Tim, the friendly instructor, held nothing back with this intense, full-body workout. I was doing squats, crunches and a bunch of other workouts I had never tried before. I never realized how out-of-shape I had gotten!


The workout was very difficult, but rewarding at the same time. I have to give props to my partner, who helped push me through; without her, I don’t think I could have finished it. Props also go to my personal trainer, Michelle Julians, who lovingly forced me to hit the weights, bike for too long, and run a few dozen laps after the group workout.


And, a huge “Thank You” to the helpful team at the YMCA Healthy Living Center – the official training headquarters of the Des Moines Menace. I’d encourage anyone to check out their awesome facilities!


The season is less than two months away, and I am just waiting for my six-pack to appear. A mascot can dream, right?


Keep heading to the Twitterverse to follow me on my way to get fit: @MenaceManiac1.



Your mascot friend,



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