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Player Spotlight: Sean Hoek

Menace Intern Jordan Guy will bring you a new Player Spotlight each week of the 2013 season. This week’s spotlight features Menace midfielder Sean Hoek. Posted July 2, 2013.

For most people, joining a new team in a new city is a challenge. But for Sean Hoek, it’s all happened before.
Hoek’s ability to adjust to his constantly changing environment has made him more than capable of settling into his home for the summer, Des Moines.
“You know, it’s pretty nice here,” said Hoek, a first year midfielder for the Menace. “Most of my time has been dedicated to soccer since I arrived, but I’ve gotten out a bit and it’s been pretty cool.”
Hoek spent his childhood years in multiple cities across the United States. He was born in Little Rock, Ark., but moved with his family to Gwinnett County, Ga., as a toddler.
“Gwinnett really is my hometown,” said Hoek. “It’s where I actually grew up and spent my youth.”
During the summer of 2005, just after his freshman year in high school, Hoek moved to Newburgh, Ind., after his father (Mark Hoek) acquired a new job. Finding his way, Hoek starred on Castle High School’s soccer team, earning all-american honors as a senior in 2008 and three all-state selections during each of his seasons in Indiana (2006-2008).
Hoek continued to move during his college years, spending his first two at East Tennessee State University, playing with the Buccaneers during their inaugural men’s soccer season. Transferring to the University of North Carolina at Pembroke before his junior season, Hoek was a two-year standout for the Braves and was team captain his senior year.
After leading his squad to the second round of the NCAA Division-II tournament, Hoek turned his focus to his soccer future with the Menace.
“My college coach (Phil Hindson) knew about the Menace and their history of being a great club,” Hoek said. “With (Menace head coach Mike) Jeffries’ resume, it just seemed like playing with them was the right move.”
With the Menace, Hoek was immediately accepted, enjoying his time with teammates both on the field and off.
“Everyone gets along really well; it’s a very positive atmosphere,” said Hoek. “We all live together, so we’ve become very close.”
More than finding a home-feel in Des Moines, Hoek has found his spot on the pitch. Starting nine games despite injuries during the season, the self-proclaimed Southern gentleman has been a staple in the Menace’s midfield.
“I’m a distributor and I can get the ball on the ground or in the air,” said Hoek. “I like to think that I start the attack forward.”
Hoek looks forward to finishing his degree in sports management this fall. Once his playing days come to an end, Hoek hopes to continue his involvement in the game through coaching.
Name: Sean Hoek
Hometown: Gwinnett County, Ga.
College: UNC-Pembroke
Classification and Degree: Graduating Fall semester with a degree in sports management
Pre-game Ritual: Relax, keep it loose
Favorite Goal-scoring Celebration: Show love to the fans
Favorite Movie: This is the End
Favorite Food: Chicken and pasta
Favorite Player: Lionel Messi

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