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Player Spotlight: Luis Piffer

Menace interns Tyler Peeler and Jeremy Reinert have brought you weekly spotlights during the season. Luis Piffer is the subject of our final 2012 spotlight.

In the midst of searching for a life after college, Luis Piffer has spent the last three summers in a Menace uniform.

As Piffer prepares to graduate from Grand View University in the fall uncertainty is beginning to set in. For now, all the Amparo, Brazil native can think of is being home for the holidays.

“I just want to go home for Christmas,” said Piffer. “I haven’t had a good chance to spend time with my family in four years.”

Only one of the many international players to filter through the Menace lineup, Piffer has been in the United States for the last four years. Reflecting on his time with the Menace, Piffer is most impressed by the support from Des Moines.

“Every time we go to the mall or public places there’s someone who stops us and talks about the game and how they’re proud of us,” said Piffer.

After spending his freshman and sophomore years at Marshalltown Community College, Piffer made the move to Grand View where he was named a two-time all-American as a midfielder in NAIA Division I. As a Viking, Piffer scored 25 goals and added 15 assists.

Serving as a utility player, Piffer’s presence has been felt this season. On May 19, he notched his only two goals of the season in the 63rd and 84th minutes to lift the Menace to a 3-2 home win over the Kansas City Brass.

Starting the Premier Development League season as a forward Piffer now finds himself filling a left defender position adjusting for the good of the team.

“I just want to help the team as best as I can,” said Piffer. “I’ll play any position as long as I am helping the team.”

Piffer’s two goals against the Brass tied his total for the last two years. In 28 games played Piffer has registered four goals and an assist for the Menace.

Piffer expresses his Brazilian heritage by banging on his tamborine in celebration.

Name: Luis Piffer
Hometown: Amparo, Brazil
College Experience: Marshalltown Community College (two years); Grand View University (two years).
Graduation Year: 2012
Pre-Game Ritual: Pray
Favorite Team: Sao Paulo
Favorite Player: Neymar
Favorite Food: Brazilian Steak House
Nickname: Kaka
Favorite Goal Celebration:  Dancing

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