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Player Spotlight: Charlie Bales

Menace interns Tyler Peeler and Jeremy Reinert will bring you a player spotlight each week during the 2012 season; this week features Menace-returner, Charlie Bales.

Eager to make an impact after nursing an injury, Charlie Bales proved to be a weapon for the Des Moines Menace by earning Mr. B Man of the Match honors in last Saturday’s 3-1 road loss against the Heartland Division front-runner Thunder Bay.

Set back by a reoccurring foot injury, Bales hadn’t seen action since May. Returning to the field in last weekend’s two-match stint in Thunder Bay, Bales served as a utility player for the Menace.

Spending time as an outside back and an outside mid, Bales is open to contributing wherever he can. Unsure where he’ll fit in the lineup against the Springfield Demize on June 30, the Western Illinois University junior-to-be motivates himself through performing.

“I’d like to score my first Menace goal to show the crowd my celebration that I’ve been planning for two years now,” said Bales. “I can’t give anything away, but it’s definitely worth coming out to see.

“I can score from anywhere,” added Bales after being egged on by his teammates for having played multiple positions.

The Cedar Rapids native understands his role in team chemistry as well as his contribution to the team’s overall product.

“I think I bring power to the Menace.” Bales jokes. “The strength of my right leg is just not something you see every day. I also like to bring smiles to my teammate’s faces.”

In a season of ups and downs Bales has provided comic relief for the team. Spending his free time making videos that document the lives of the Menace players, Bales’ fun-loving demeanor helped relax the boys when away from the field.

Behind the comicalness, Bales remains focused on the team’s goals.

“We want to win the rest of our games,” said Bales. “Hopefully things fall into place and we make the playoffs.”

Name: Charlie Bales
Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
College Experience: Western Illinois University
Graduation Year/Degree: Communications 2014
Pre-Game Ritual: Blasting Country Music
Favorite Team: WLS Menace
Favorite Player: Brandon Fricke
Favorite Food: Chinese Buffet
Nickname: Lil’ Chucklehead, Chuck-Da-Leg
Favorite Goal Celebration: 360 Backflip McTwist

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