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Player Spotlight: Deshorn Brown

Too fast, too furious: Deshorn Brown
He’ll bypass defenders and freeze keepers. His racing speed will leave you in awe.
Brown, a flashy Menace forward, is averaging more than a goal per game.
“I’ve always been fast from when I was a kid. I used to do track and field,” said Brown who runs an 11-second-flat 100 meters. “That’s where my speed came from.”
This Jamaican’s statistics for the 2011 Menace season certainly prove his dominance on the front line. Suiting all but four games, Brown has recorded an a team-best 21 points , tallying nine goals – three of which came in last weekend's doubleheader against WSA Winnipeg -- and three assists.
“My favorite thing is when playing and playing against another team that puts a good fight to become a good game,” said Brown.
Growing up in Precious Plain, Jamaica gave Brown a competitive edge and a different outlook to the game of soccer.
“It’s totally different. Here we take more touches with the ball. In Jamaica, we’re really quick and like to play the long ball with less touches,” noted Brown, who scored 21 goals last fall for Mobile, earning a place on the NAIA all-America first team.
Whether it’s a one-on-one, cross or 50/50 ball, Brown is determined to find the back of the net to let his special toe-tapping moves shine, but he notes that he wouldn’t be able to score without the support of other people.
“My teammates motivate me,” mentioned Brown. “I use myself to motivate and fans and coaches. I have to think what’s the plan on the field and what I’m gunna do to let my team win.”
Fans have only two more opportunities to see the man’s cool runs play at Valley Stadium this season, as the Menace hosts Thunder Bay for a doubleheader. Saturday will be the last time Brown enters through the human tunnel before he travels to New York to work for his father.
“It’s a good environment,” said Brown. “I see to the highest level is where I want to reach and hopefully that will happen as time goes on. I really like it here. Hopefully I’ll come back.”

Brown shows off some of his celebration moves.
Hometown: Precious Plain, Jamaica
College: University of Mobile (Ala.)
Position: Forward
What you bring to the Menace: Fun in the locker room
Favorite TV show: Pink Panther
Favorite team: Barcelona
Favorite player: Messi
Favorite soccer move: 360
Favorite food: Chicken
Favorite Menace teammate: Jubril Lawal

Menace interns Jenae Jenison and BJ Stokesbary provide fans with a player spotlight video and story each week.

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