Front Office Staff

Justin Vorster

Head Coach, Menace WPSL

In his first two seasons with the Menace, Justin Vorster has guided the women's team to a 9-6-3 record -- including 6-1-1 in 2016.
The Menace’s WPSL head coach brings a mix of international and local experiences. He played one professional season and 10 semi-professional seasons in South Africa, where he also coached a couple years. He serves as technical director for the Johnston Urbandale Soccer Club. Vorster guided the AIB College women's team in its two final seasons (2013-14, with a combined 21-15-2 record) and was an assistant coach for the Drake men during their run to the Elite Eight of the 2009 NCAA Division-I Tournament.
Vorster holds a United States Soccer Federation ‘A’ coaching license, a National Youth license and a National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Director of Coaching diploma. He was born in Calcutta, India (on May 4, 1971) and he also lived in Kenya, South Africa and Malawi in his childhood.




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